Wholefood, Low-Cal, High-Fibre, Zero-Waste Doggo Treats

Made From Sustainable Protein & All-Natural Eco-Friendly Ingredients

It’s safe to say that your fur-kid is more than your bestie 4 lyfe - they’re also the raddest sidekick you could orbit into another vortex with (if we’re on the brink of a space age). In fact, they would be the ultimate apocalypse partner if it came down to it! 

But, even if the future is far less fantastical than every sci-fi Netflix™ series makes it seem, they’re still just the best adventure buddies for long walks through the outdoors and short walks to the fridge.

Regardless of what destiny lies in the days to come, it’s always a good idea to stockpile Pulp Habits as a daily fav that will put you on Mother Earth’s nice list and in karma’s good books. 


Great for pooches, even better for the planet

(and you can eat them too if you really want to) 

We transform veggie compostable waste and buzzing insects into wickedly good treats! Our eco-bites are the kind of daily habit that makes a difference. It's the sneaky snackaroo that reduces your and your canine kiddo’s carbon footprint while keeping their treats hypoallergenic and healthy.

Created for those progressive pet parents and their precious fur-babes searching for a world with more meaning. We’ve sniffed out all the wasteful parts of our process from packaging to logistics to ensure our bite-sized delights are full of drool-worthy love and do their part to save us from a climate catastrophe.

If Scooby™ could hop on a time machine and come back, he and his gang would have a snack attack on how ‘yikes’ good these cool insect-infused indulgences are!

Every single one of our ingredients is intentional, all-natural, and hearty. We’re talking reduced carbon footprint… (or paw prints). Pulp from juices is upcycled and Black Soldier Fly Larvae are used as a super sustainable alternative to traditional livestock.

The best part? Our treats are a great addition to your survival kit since you could eat them too if you had to!


So, no matter what adventures await you and your woof-mate in the future, we’ve got you covered.

Pulp Habits will make sure you’re prepared whether you’re hiking up a mountain or hitchhiking through the galaxy. Our protein-packed snacks are perfect for space ventures or as everyday delights in the modern doggy diet.

If you’ve been dreaming of making guilt-free, low-impact, gourmet treats a daily habit… now you can. Your woofs have been answered - you’re welcome!