Let’s not pretend your canine kiddo wouldn’t chow down on fly larvae if they came past it in the garden. In fact, let’s not put it past you either if the future holds apocalyptic scenarios where insects are the new caviar. BSFL is an environmentally friendly nutritious powerhouse that reduces our carbon footprint by replacing traditional livestock with a sustainable alternative. It’s a nutrient-dense insect-based protein that keeps doggos feeling fuller for longer and provides them with 10 of the most essential amino acids, including BCAA. In short, BSFL might just save us all one day so better your apocalypse buddy learn how to sniff them out now!

BSFL serves a truly sustainable, yet wholly nutritious alternative
to meat, poultry and fish. Positive impact on the
environment as opposed to raising traditional livestock. 

An Ideal unsaturated fat profile has all 10 essential amino acids. 

Approved by AAFCO.

Larvae boast up to 54% crude protein,
which allows you to replace livestock products altogether. 

Larvae have 19% polyunsaturated and 21% monounsaturated in their profile allowing the insect-based protein to allow the dog to feel fully satisfied.

Support Gut Health & Highly Digestible.

Fat & protein in both cricket & BSFL are comparable enough that they could be used interchangeably, however, BSFL outperforms cricket in calcium and phosphorus.

The production of meat equates to 14.5% of global greenhouse gases, being the biggest contributor to global warming.